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scrap cars


Message or call us wiht you car details such as, make, model, colour, condition and mileage



Drive your car down to our desired place on a agreed time and date



We will pass you a sales agreement to fill up and also issue you the cash or cheque for the car scrap value. We also require your identity card and required to fill up thge LTA de registration form sothat we can assist you to deregisteryour car at LTA main office. 

(Please take note LTA requires the original NRIC to deregister the car. If you feel uncomfortable with passing us your identity card you can drop by to LTA to do it on your own)



After we have exported or scrapped the car we will submit all paperwork and disposal docuents to LTA.



Once LTA acknowledge the documents you can use the internet and encash your PURF benefit using your singpass or you can fill up the form and we can submit to LTA on your behalf. LTA will process the application and mail the PURF rebaye amount via cheque to the registered owner of the car. You can also select bank transfer where LTA will directly transfer the money into your chosen account.